Regarding Recent Happenings

by ChasedSpade at 2016-09-09 07:43:06
Regarding the events relating to Services, We performed a configurations change to Anope. Under normal circumstances this requires a quick restart with little effect to users and channels. However, an overlooked configuration caused most of our services modules to become unloaded, resulting in all channels losing the n, r, and t channel modes. Approximately fifteen minutes later this error was resolved, restoring lost channel modes. Immediately after the restoration of normal Services functions, we noticed various channels experiencing prior topic restoration, channel access list inaccuracies, along with channel and nick registration drops. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Services database had been unable to write to the database for 35 days (4 August 2016), and had not raised a notice. Upon restart, all changes stored in memory were dumped and news to the last state written to the database. As a result, ALL changes made to Services (nick and channel registrations, access list changes, BotServ settings) made from 4 August, 2016 to 8 September, 2016 have been lost. To prevent an event like this from occurring a second time, the following protocol regarding database preparation during configuration updates will be adhered to. The Services database will be flushed prior to any configuration changes. The Services database will then be backed-up to a safe location. Due to the loss of many nickname and channel registrations, any users requiring assistance restoring their channels may seek assistance from #help operators. Chris Tyrrel - ChasedSpade Lambda Leaf Administrator.revertedservices.
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